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Remote Access and Control using AirGate-3G

The new AirGate-3G is a 3G cellular router for remote access and control. It bridges 3G internet, Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 serial. It also features:

  • Modbus RTU master mode
  • Two fully configurable RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces
  • Cloud connection to log and graph data
  • GPS connection
  • SMS or e-mail alarming

Novus has just released the new AirGate-3G and the Novus Cloud. Together these provide remote solutions to control and monitor different variables and store this data in the Novus Cloud.

The new Novus Cloud is a subscription service which allows you to store your data securely into a server and shows it on a customisable web page, generating graphics with logged data. It's easily configurable and can be used with different Novus products including the FieldLogger and TagTemp-NFC.

Example Application:

This application will read a few variables from a weather station and store those variables in the Novus Cloud. The AirGate-3G will use 3G connection to upload this data into the Novus Cloud. The monitored variables are Outside Temperature, Outside Humidity, Wind Speed and day, month and year historical rainfall. The AirGate-3G will also get our current location via GPS and provide it to the Cloud. This data is provided by a weather station located on the roof of our office.

Things you'll need:

Topology of the system:

How to access it:

Please visit our public dashboard stored into the Novus Cloud HERE.

This web page shows our data stored in the Novus Cloud. Note that your dashboard can be configured to be public or private, and you can choose who is allowed to have access to this data.

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