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Remote access and control via your Smartphone

Recently at Ocean Controls, we’ve been hearing from engineers interested in remote monitoring and control. In response, we’ve been increasing our line of products in this field. One product we’ve been using ourselves at the office and in custom deployments is the Novus AirGate-3G cellular router. This router pair nicely with the Superview Mobile app for Android devices, allowing SCADA control on the go.

The router forms the base of a complete remote control solution. It can be combined with application-appropriate analogue and digital input/output modules, a mobile SCADA system and a power supply. Together, these configurations allow you to monitor and control your variables through the 3G cellular network in remote places.

Getting remote access

The Novus AirGate-3G interfaces between a remote SCADA system and the Modbus network. It creates a link through the internet provided by a 3G data connection and presents the Modbus IO modules with a public IP address. The remote SCADA system can be a traditional PC or HMI system but Novus has written an app called Superview Mobile for Android devices tailored for remote control applications.

Controlling via your mobile phone

Novus Superview Mobile allows you to get the data from the Internet and display in an Android smartphone. It can set up registers, read from Modbus IO modules, display graphics, maps and set up alarms.

Novus Superview Mobile comes in two different versions – Lite or Pro. The Lite version is free and allows you to create up to 5 tags. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store and you can upgrade to a Pro version directly from the app to use an unlimited number of tags.

A complete solution consists of

  • an AirGate-3G Router
  • a SIM Card with data access
  • an Android smartphone or Tablet with Superview Mobile installed
  • Modbus IO modules as appropriate for the application


This is a simple example of topology where the AirGate-3G operates as a master of a Modbus RTU network and gives the read data to the mobile SCADA system. The Superview Mobile can be either in a smartphone or in a tablet running Android OS. The Android OS device uses a 3G or WiFi connection to the internet. A standard PC SCADA system can also be used instead of a mobile one.

If you have a custom project you want assistance with, please contact us with your specification. We offer obligation free quotes on any custom electronics work.

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