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Australian 2G Network and SMS Alarm Controllers

In Australia, Telstra’s 2G will be shut down on December 1st 2016, with Optus to following suit with their 2G network closure on 1st April 2017 and finally Vodafone Australia closing the remaining 2G network on 30th of September 2017.

People are now becoming concerned that their 2G SMS alarm monitors and controllers will no longer work and are looking for alternatives

People are surprised that 2G modems and SMS controllers are still much cheaper than the 3G alternatives. There are several reasons for this. Firstly it’s not very often that an older technology commands higher prices than it’s successor. Secondly 2G devices are still widely used in asia and elsewhere. Thirdly the 3G chipsets are significantly more complex and expensive. Finally there is the ‘Qualcomm tax’, due to the high volume of patents related to 3G owned by Qualcomm the price for 3G modules and modems have remained relatively static. The plus side is that 3G provides opportunities for a lot more functionality to be packed into the controller.

Easemind UMT8

The UMT8-MS-3G is the latest offering from EaseMind. It is a 3G SMS Alarm unit, Data logger and controller with a storage capacity of up to 35000 records into 4MB internal memory. Memory is expandable to 32GB with SD card. The UMT8-MS-3G is fitted with 11 analog channels which can be configured as 2 digital temperature and 1 humidity sensors and 8 analog sensors (voltage or current). There are also 10 digital alarm inputs 4 of which can be used as pulse inputs and 4 relay outputs. It also has a RS485/RS232 port for monitoring and logging up to 16 Modbus Registers from remote I/O modules

Novus Airgate 3G

One product we’ve been using ourselves at the office and in custom deployments is the Novus Automation AirGate-3G cellular router. It comes in two models the Airgate 3G and the Airgate 3G GPS. Both models are fitted with 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs. They also come with a Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU RS485 connection which allows connection to Modbus IO modules. The airgate can be configured to generate SMS alarms on the state of the digital inputs and the value of the Modbus registers or status inputs.

Another big feature of the Airgate 3G and Airgate 3G GPS is the Novus Cloud. Novus provide a cloud service where data (temperature, pressure, humidity etc) collected from the Airgate is periodically sent to the cloud. The user can use a smart phone or web browser to view the data as individual readings or tables or charts of historical data. The data can be downloaded to your PC for analysis. Using scripts calculations can be made on the data and emails generated on the state of the data

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