Latest Projects

Ocean Controls provides custom programming, design and production services. We can often modify our existing products to suit specific needs. Full custom designs are possible with minimum orders as small as 20 units and we've had designs scale up to thousands of units shipped. We have wide-ranging experience in control systems, PLC and HMI programming, circuit design and embedded systems.

Contact our engineering staff with a written outline of your specification and we can help you flesh it out and provide an obligation-free quote for the work.

Please note that our engineering time is limited and we don't accept all custom design projects.

Digital Temperature Transmitters and Receivers

Our customer came to use with a brief for a system that would display the temperature of truck trailers in the cabin of the truck. The transmitters use sealed digital temperature probes accurate to ±0.5 °C. A 434 MHz radio link has a line-of-sight distance of hundreds of meters, allowing monitoring of the temperature in offices and buildings where the trucks are parked. The receiver unit shows two temperatures (for front and rear trailers) and automatically adjusts the display brightness to match ambient lighting conditions.

Transmitter and receiver displaying two temperatures

Electronics for SieveMatic Grain Agitator

Grain must be analysed to determine the level of unmillable material. Ocean Controls worked with SieveMatic to develop a prototype system using a customer controller and stepper motor driver. The motion of the sieves in the system must follow a precise motion to ensure standards and consistency are met. When the prototype had been tuned, a custom production controller was designed and produced.

SieveMatic assembled unit

Electronics and Software for Wazz-A-Cow Cutter

The Wazz-A-Cow Cutter is a remote controlled mechanical cow for training horses. Ocean Controls developed prototypes using a combination of our remote control units and motor controllers for Wazz-A-Cow. The product was then developed into a fully custom design with a computer software interface and custom finger-tip remote control.

Mounted on a fence with fake cow

TTL to RS232 Converter

A customer asked us to design a TTL to RS232 converter which would be powered off the RS232 port for an industrial control system installed at thousands of sites across the country. This project involved high reliability requirements and large production runs. We've shipped over 5,000 of these units to date.

Speed Limiter for Forklifts

One of our customers is the Australian Distributor for a well known brand of forklift. He wanted a simple-to-use controller that would prevent forklift operators going above a set speed. We use custom-programmed KTA-251 controllers together with one of our Conch proximity switches mounted on the driveshafts of the forklifts. The controller activates an RC servo that retards the throttle when the forklift is overspeed. This allows full engine power for lifting when the forklift is stationary while ensuring the forklifts move at safe speeds around people.

Air Flow Alarm and Monitor

A customer was working in a large sewerage pipeline. The safety authority required him to monitor the air flow in the pipeline and if it fell below a certain speed then sound an alarm to warn the workers of the danger. We packaged our KTA-250 anemometer interface and alarm card together with a power supply, siren and flashing light in a water tight plastic enclosure.