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  • IR-LINK III Infra-Red Interface USB

    IR-LINK III Infra-Red Interface USB

    SKU: LOG-002
    In stock (1 item available)

    Infrared wand for configuring and downloading data from LogBox and TagTemp modules. USB interface.

    • $83.86
  • Micro SD Card 16 GB

    Micro SD Card 16 GB

    SKU: ALC-006
    Available for backorder

    SanDisk microSD card to suit data loggers. 16 GB.

    • $13.95
  • Pluto - Web Server Hardware

    Pluto - Web Server Hardware

    SKU: MED-070
    In stock (1 item available)

    Pluto is a Web Server hardware box providing a data logging system that can be accessed remotely from web browsers. Adding a Microedge data logger to the system is as simple as plugging it into one of the four on-board USB ports or creating connections to bring other remote data loggers to the system. 

    • $524.52
  • SiteView - Web Software

    SiteView - Web Software

    SKU: MED-052
    In stock (1 item available)

    SiteView-Web is web server software that can run under Windows, Linux and macOS. It can accommodate data loggers and USB device servers that Microedge produces and bring them on-line.

    • $503.04
  • SiteView Software for Site-Log Dataloggers

    SiteView Software for Site-Log Dataloggers

    SKU: MED-050
    In stock (3 items available)

    SiteView Software for Site-Log Dataloggers

    • $108.41
  • SL-RS232 Converter

    SL-RS232 Converter

    SKU: MED-055
    In stock (3 items available)

    Site-Log to RS-232 Converter

    • $55.92
  • Ultra SDHC Card 16 GB

    Ultra SDHC Card 16 GB

    SKU: ALC-005
    In stock (4 items available)

    SanDisk Ultra SDHC Class 6 Memory Card. 16 GB.

    • $18.18
  • USB Device Server Industrial

    USB Device Server Industrial

    SKU: MED-060
    In stock (2 items available)

    Site USB Device Server Industrial (DSI-1) is a USB-over Ethernet device server that allows Microedge’s systems to access Microedge data loggers remotely.  

    • $293.71