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Wireless Temperature/Humidity Station

Wireless Temperature/Humidity Station

The Wireless Temperature/Humidity Station measures relative humidity and air temperature. The passive solar radiation shield is made of a proprietary plastic designed for high thermal reflectance and low thermal conductivity. It can be used with any wireless Vantage Pro2 weather station, console or Weather Envoy.

The humidity sensor is a thin film capacitor element. A dielectric polymer layer absorbs water molecules from the air through a thin metal electrode, which causes a change in capacitance proportional to relative humidity. The temperature sensor is a precision thermistor that produces a resistance change proportional to temperature. The sensors are mounted next to one another in the sensor interface module (SIM) to ensure a close correlation between relative humidity and temperature readings. Relative humidity and temperature are used to calculate dew point.

Data from up to eight stations may be viewed on a single Vantage Pro2 Console/Receiver (sold separately) or Weather Envoy and WeatherLink. Or, for a complete set of weather data, use with a Wireless Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Pro2 Plus. (You can add up to seven Wireless Temperature/Humidity Stations to either of these.)

Station is battery powered. Lithium battery lasts approximately 8 months under normal conditions.

These are the official Australian version - unlike the some other distributors of Davis gear, weather station gear purchased through us have their radios set to frequencies that are legal in Australia.


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