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Breakout Board for MCP4725 I2C DAC
The MCP4725 is an I2C controlled Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) and this little board makes it easy to use on a breadboard in in your projects. Read more…
$7.10 + GST
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Electret Microphone Breakout Board
Small PCB with an electret microphone and small signal amplifier Read more…
$11.50 + GST
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Foam PCB Tape - 3M VHB Acrylic 1" (1 yard)
Do you need to permanently affix your board to one location without using screws?  Read more…
$16.00 + GST
4 available
IOIO-OTG for Android
Are you a Java developer looking to add advanced hardware I/O capabilities to your Android or PC application? Well then the IOIO-OTG is for you! Read more…
$59.00 + GST
3 available
JPEG Trigger
The JPEG Trigger interfaces with the LinkSprite JPEG Color Camera to simplify picture taking. To take a picture, all you have to do is pull one of three digital pins to ground (D2, 3 or 4), or pull one of three analog pins to 5V (A0, 1 or 2). The on-board Arduino compatible ATmega328 is programmed to handle all the communication with the JPEG camera and the SD card. Read more…
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Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional
Bi-directional logic level converter. Interface 5V logic to 3V3. Read more…
$4.50 + GST
5 available
SD/MMC Card Breakout
Breakout board for SD/MMC cards brings connections out to a standard .1\" 10-pin header. Read more…
$14.50 + GST
2 available
Small Heatsink
These tiny little black anodized heatsinks are perfect for cooling off small surface-mount components such as the Allegro A4983 stepper driver. Read more…
$2.90 + GST
10 available
Sound Detector
The Sound Detector is a small and very easy to use audio sensing board with three different outputs.
 Read more…
$15.90 + GST
44 available
SparkFun Air Quality Breakout - CCS811
The CCS811 Air Quality Breakout is an I2C digital gas sensor that senses a wide range of Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs), including equivalent carbon dioxide (eCO2) and metal oxide (MOX) levels. Read more…
$41.00 + GST
3 available
SparkFun Load Cell Amplifier - HX711
The SparkFun Load Cell Amplifier is a small breakout board for the HX711 IC that allows you to easily read load cells to measure weight. By connecting the amplifier to your microcontroller you will be able to read the changes in the resistance of the load cell and with some calibration you’ll be able to get very accurate weight measurements. Read more…
$15.00 + GST
2 available
SparkFun ToF Range Finder Sensor - VL6180
SparkFun “Time-of-Flight” Range Finder in the Sharp IR Sensor form factor. The VL6180 uses a precise clock to measure the time it takes light to bounce back from a surface. Read more…
$35.65 + GST
3 available
SX1509 16 Output I/O Expander Breakout
Are you low on I/O? No problem! The SX1509 can leverage your I2C interface for 16 extra channels of GPIO. And that's not all!
 Read more…
$14.50 + GST
2 available
ToF Range Finder Breakout - VL
This breakout for the VL6180 distance sensor uses a precise clock to measure the time it takes light to bounce back from a surface. Read more…
$22.00 + GST
5 available
USB 32-Bit Whacker - PIC32MX795 Development Board
The UBW32 is a small development board for PIC32MX795 32-bit CPU from Microchip. The UBW32 is breadboard friendly and includes all of the external circuitry needed to get the PIC32 up and running. Read more…
$59.00 + GST
5 available
WIZnet W5100 Network Module with Mag Jack - WIZ811MJ
Breakout board for the WIZnet W5100 embedded TCP/IP chip with magjack RJ-45 connector. Read more…
$39.00 + GST
1 available