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Rolling Code 2-Channel UHF Relay Board Assembled

Rolling Code 2-Channel UHF Relay Board Assembled
Rolling Code 2 Channel UHF Relay Board Controller
This clever remote control uses the latest state of the art technology. With rolling code, it’s close-to-impossible to electronically “crack”. It includes two channel relay outputs which can be set for either latching or momentary operation, it’s extremely versatile. With a sensitive prebuilt receiver, it has a range of over 40 metre (line of sight). The kit includes one keyring Tx!
Whether you want to control a garage door or gate, a car and/or home alarm, or perhaps remotely turn lights or anything else on or off, this high-security system is just what you’re looking for!
The kit is supplied with all the components to build one complete 2-channel relay board (as pictured). One ready built 2-button keyring transmitter is also supplied but up to 15 transmitter units can be learnt by one Rx unit. Extra transmitter units can be purchased separately. The circuit includes a reset input to each channel when in Toggle mode. Thus, for example, a garage door motor could be started when the Toggled relay is activated. Then it will automatically cut off when the door has travelled its full movement and it hits a switch which resets / turns off the corresponding relay.

Relay Board PCB: 61 x 85mm.
Supply: 12V DC (See Plug Pack below).
Current consumption: Standby <8mA, Both relays active <75mA.

The transmitter (part no. KTT-157) / receiver modules (part no. KTR-157) used in this kit are also available separately

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Out of stock - backorder allowed

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