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Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver Assembled

Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver Assembled
Standard circuit to drive 5, 6 or 8 wire unipolar stepper motors. Can be operated in free-standing (internal oscillator) or PC-controlled (direction, step) mode. Uses IRFZ44 power MOSFETs to drive the motors. These MOSFETs have a low on resistance and can carry 6A each without needing a heatsink. Uses discreete logic ICs: 4013, 4030, 4093. Separate supply voltage for kit and motors if required.

Up to six driver boards (for controlling 6 motors) can be connected to a single PC parallel port. Full operational details provided (see documentation link below). Screw terminal blocks and solder pins for connections.

A visual basic program and source code which controls up to 4 motors from a parallel port can be downloaded. Can be used with or without our parallel interface card KTA-205. For those using the source code a copy of the activeX component RS Timer is included if fast speeds of the stepper motors are required

Download Visual Basic Program
Download RSTimer ActiveX component

Download datasheet file

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