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Limit & Foot Switches


Any-Direction Mircoswitch SKU: HES-204
Industrial microswitch with springy actuator triggers when the actuator is pushed or deflected in any direction. Read more…
$12.95 + GST
28 available
FS-2 Foot Switch SKU: HEN-002
FS-2 Foot Switch Read more…
$9.95 + GST
10 available
Micro Switch Lever Actuator SKU: HES-202
Micro Switch Lever Actuator Read more…
$12.95 + GST
12 available
Microswitch Roller Lever SKU: HES-200
Microswitch Roller Lever Read more…
$12.95 + GST
7 available
VFS-201 Foot Switch SKU: HEN-001
VFS-201 Foot Switch Read more…
$9.95 + GST
11 available