Temperature & Humidity

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LOG-005 LogBox RHT Data Logger 32K Readings
  • AUD99.00
LOG-006 LOGBOX RHT-LCD 32K Readings with LCD
  • AUD125.00
MED-016 Site-Log 4 Channel RTD Datalogger
  • AUD769.00
MED-025 Site-Log Relative Humidity-Temperature Datalogger
  • AUD599.00
MED-020 Site-Log Thermistor Datalogger
  • AUD739.00
MED-015 Site-Log Thermocouple Datalogger
  • AUD879.00
NOD-060 TagTemp NFC Temperature Data Logger
  • AUD109.95
NOD-055 TagTemp Stick-USB Temperature Data Logger
  • AUD109.95
NOD-052 TagTemp-S NFC Temperature Data Logger
  • AUD29.95
NOD-050 TagTemp-USB Temperature Data Logger
  • AUD109.95
NOD-051 USB-NFC Interface for TagTemp Data Logger
  • AUD229.00