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XC3-32T-E PLC 240VAC

XC3-32T-E PLC 240VAC

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The XC3-32 series from Xinje features a large number of functions, large memory capacity, small size and fast scan times.

Although economically priced, these PLC's have been built and designed with motion control in mind.

• Both 24V DC or AC supply models available
• 18 digital opto-isolated inputs (24V NPN)
• 14 digital outputs (NPN transistor)
• Expandable via either expansion modules (maximum of 7) or BD board
• Supports RTC and power-off retentive memory areas
• Supports floating point operations and C language function block
• Supports high speed count, pulse output, external interruption
• COM1 for programming or HMI operation (Modbus RS232)
• COM2 for serial free protocol communication or MODBUS communication (RS232 / RS485) COM3 can be added by installing the communication BD card.
• Dimensions: 139x102x74mm

Other features include
• Free Software
• Programmable in Ladder Logic and Instruction List

Download Documentation and Free Software

Expansion Modules
The PLC has an expansion outlet which allows the user to add up to 7 Analog, digital I/O modules, RTD and Thermocouple modules. Communication modules include Ethernet and Profibus. See Part Numbers PLC-200 to PLC-240

HMI Displays
Our selection of new HMI Text Displays and Touchscreens will interface easily with the XC3

Motor Control
The XC3 has functions to control Stepper and Servo motors using the 2 high speed pulse outputs. The functions require the user to input 4 parameters which are maximum frequency, total output pulse number, add/minus speed for ramping up/down to speed and the Y output number. The pulse output is not affected by the scan cycle. Please note this is not available on the XC3-14 models

The XC3 also has a PWM function for generating pulse width modulation signals.

Low frequency output can be output at any Y output. The output frequency is limited to 0-200Hz

XCP Software and Programming
The XCP software's edit environment allows the user the choice of programming in Ladder Logic or instruction list programming.
The software is fast and easy to use. It allows for commenting of the variables so the rungs are easy to understand.
It has an online monitor which allows the user to monitor the program on the ladder or open the data window to modify or monitor the data variables
The XCP software also features a rich instruction list which allow calculations in integer, long integer or floating point. Other instructions include ordinal control, data manipulation,  interrupts, communications and motion control.
Copy, cut and paste of instruction and ladder programming allows easy editing of programs
With the software we provide a few example programs showing you how to use timers, read digital inputs and write to digital outputs, control stepper motors and generate PWM signals

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