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Arduino Compatible Pro Micro 5V/16MHz
The Pro Micro is similar to the Pro Mini except with an ATmega32U4 on board. The USB transceiver inside the 32U4 allows us to add USB connectivity on-board and do away with the bulky external USB interface. Read more…
$28.50 + GST
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Lilypad Simblee BLE Board - RFD77101
The Simblee RFD77101 module, equipped to this board, is intended to make embedded devices using Bluetooth Low Energy connections easier for everyone: hardware hackers, app developers, students, makers, engineers, and anyone else who wants to leverage their smartphone via BLE Read more…
$36.00 $18.00 + GST
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pcDuino - AV Kit
The pcDuino AV Kit includes everything you need to get your pcDuino networked and connected to an HDMI enabled TV or monitor Read more…
$65.00 $29.00 + GST
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pcDuino - WiFi Dongle
USB Wifi dongle to work with the pcDuino Read more…
$26.90 $12.00 + GST
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SparkFun Photon RedBoard
The SparkFun Photon RedBoard, to put it simply, is a WiFi/Microcontroller development board in the Arduino form-factor for the Photon. It’s easy to use, it’s powerful, and it’s connected to the cloud. Read more…
$59.00 + GST
3 available
SparkFun SAMD21 Dev Breakout
The long-awaited ARM Arduino era is upon us! The SparkFun SAMD21 Dev Breakout is an Arduino-sized breakout for the Atmel ATSAMD21G18, a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ processor with 256KB flash, 32KB SRAM, and an operating speed of up to 48MHz. Read more…
$39.95 + GST
4 available
SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout
The long-awaited ARM Arduino era is upon us! The SAMD21 Mini Breakout is a Pro Mini-sized breakout for the Atmel ATSAMD21G18, a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ processor running at 48 MHz. This mini breakout can be programmed with the Arduino environment as a Zero/M0. Read more…
$29.00 + GST
10 available
Sparkfun Simblee BLE Breakout - RFD77101
The SparkFun Simblee BLE Breakout board is a programmable board that allows you to add mobile app functionality via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, or Bluetooth 4.0) to your embedded projects. Unlike other BLE solutions, the Simblee requires no specialized app development skills to realize the phone-side interface: all the necessary coding is done in the Arduino environment and then uploaded to a br Read more…
$36.00 $18.00 + GST
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Teensy 3.2
The Teensy is a breadboard-friendly development board with a 32 bit ARM Cortex microprocessor and Arduino-like programming, with loads of features in a, well, teensy package. Each Teensy 3.2 comes pre-flashed with a bootloader so you can program it using the on-board USB connection: No external programmer needed!  Read more…
$32.37 + GST
9 available