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SNAP Stick 200

SNAP Stick 200

The SNAP Stick 200 USB device is used to enable a PC to communicate with local SNAP nodes.

This device, based on the ATMEL ATmega128RFA1 hardware, is a USB dongle, about the size of a thumb drive. It is designed to act as a bridge between Synapse’s management tool, called Portal, or Synapse’s Internet connec on capability, called SNAP Connect, and your other SNAP nodes. Because it is based on the ATmega128RFA1, the SNAP S ck 200 has the same capabili es as the underlying hardware, rela ng to sleep op ons and radio rates as discussed in-depth in the SNAP Reference Manual.

The USB dongle form factor means that only one UART is available on the SNAP Stick 200. UART1 connects through the USB port. If you change the default UART (NV Parameter 12) to 0, you will not be able to communicate directly with the device, and will have to either need to use Portal to reset the device to Factory Default Parameters (NV Params) or use a different SNAP Device as a bridge and reset the default UART over the air.

Also because of the form factor, you do not have normal access to the GPIO pins on the SNAP S ck 200. The device was designed to primarily act as a bridge device. The only feedback available from the device comes in the form of a tri-color LED, controlled by pins 5 and 6.


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