Hydreon RG-11 Optical Rain Sensor with Relay Output

Hydreon RG-11 Optical Rain Sensor with Relay Output

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Senses rainfall with no moving parts.
6 different modes of operation: Tipping bucket, Skylight rain sensor, Wiper control, Drop detection, Condensation / Frost Sensing, or Irrigation control sensor.

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The RG-11 Rain Gauge senses water hitting its outside surface using beams of infrared light. It uses the same sensing principle used in millions of automotive rain sensing windshield wiper controls.

The RG-11 is optical - not mechanical, chemical, or conductive. Consequently, it is far more rugged, sensitive and reliable than any other technology. The sensor is extremely sensitive, and virtually immune to false trips. Yet, it is completely unaffected by jostling and motion. There are no exposed conductors to corrode, and no openings for bugs to crawl into. There is no place for leaves or other debris to collect.

The RG-11 Rain Sensor includes a DIP switch that allows it to be set up for the mode of operation that best matches the application.

RG-11 Modes of Operation:

  • Tipping Bucket Emulation-- Replace your tipping bucket with a low maintenance alternative.
  • "It's Raining"-- Close a skylight at the first sign of rain, and open it when it stops raining.
  • Condensation / Frost Sensing
  • Wiper control
  • Irrigation Control - No more watering during a downpour
  • Drop Detection

 Please note: The RG-11 can't be powered with 5 V via the 5 V pin on the header, as it won't be able to boost its emitter current with just 5 V. Please power the device with minimum 12 V through the main terminal block

Performance of RG-1:

RG-11 is not as accurate as a properly maintained Tipping Bucket, but a better choice for many applications.
We do not guarantee or specify an accuracy for the RG-11, but these are the results we have seen for our three testing stations:

  • Cumulative Error for the three stations: -10% to -28%
  • Standard Deviation of error for each rain event: 36%

So, long term, expect the current revision of software to read about 10 to 28% low.

The standard deviation means that roughly 2/3 of the time the RG-11 will be within 36% of the tipping bucket. Much of the time the RG will read close to the tipping bucket, but outlier events can be significantly off.

Data taken between October 2011 and November 2012. Software revision – 12 (current is 16, but does not change accuracy). Units for testing range between new and three years of weathering and wear, including tests with intentionally scuffed / excessively worn units.

Snow melt is not included in the totals. Percent error for rain events is for events over 0.02" accumulation. (Tipping bucket does not register below about 0.02")

There is not a clear correlation of any readily measurable parameter. The biggest factor is surface condition.

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Input Voltage

  • Power supply: 10 to 30 VDC or 12 to 26 VAC
  • Surge: 50 V
  • Reverse polarity protected: 50 V

Current drain

  • When no outputs on, not raining, no heater: 15 mA
  • In Micro-power sleep mode: About 1.5 mA
  • When output on: 50 mA
  • When heater on and 24 VDC input: 55 mA


  • Relay closure, normally open and normally closed contacts
  • Max.Load 1 A, 24 VDC

Operating temperature: -40 to +60 °C

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