Airgate 4G has been released

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Remote monitoring was already an increasing demand in several industry segments, and it became even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic as it prevents technicians from having to be in person at the machines and processes place. With new connectivity possibilities, in addition to Wi-Fi and VPN available in the first version, AirGate 4G appears as a device that adds agility and efficiency to the most varied industrial processes, since remote diagnostics optimizes team work and reduces travel and personnel costs.

Novus Airgate 4G 

With the same already known NOVUS products robustness the new version of AirGate 4G allows data access in the cloud by MQTT protocol, alarm notification by SMS or e-mail and Modbus master, which provides remote monitoring of RS485 industrial networks without using PLCs. Alarm notifications by SMS or e-mail ensure that operators or managers will be always informed of any process abnormalities allowing a faster and more efficient resolution.

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