Labjack Pro 7 Case Study

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Crush Tester

At Australian Compliance Laboratory we work with Ocean Controls to provide us with smart, custom machinery that gives us a competitive edge. We’ve had incredible success with one such project – an automated, 25-tonne, push-pull, hydraulic press that performs precision load-deflection tests on packaging and products. 

The machine uses a LabJack U6 data acquisition device for measuring and recording all the information coming in from the sensors. We then interface with the LabJack using DAQFactory software. This software allows us to read inputs and control outputs. The sensors include a primary load cell, a string displacement encoder, and nine modular displacement transducers.

With this system, we’re able to control the hydraulic ram, run tests, and measure and record test data. Furthermore, with these inputs, Ocean Controls was able to program custom automation cycles so that we could test products with minimal manual input.

This kind of machine cannot be purchased off the shelf and suits our business model perfectly. What’s fantastic about it as well is that, as our business grows and we start to test new products, the system can easily be updated to include new automation cycles, sensors, etc.

As a price point as well, the LabJack and DAQFactory come in very competitively when compared with other data-acquisition systems in the market. Furthermore, DAQFactory software is free for small projects only requiring three pages. However, when you have a more complex system, the software is a one-time purchase rather than another annoying subscription service.

We’re very happy with the LabJack-DAQFactory system and have proceeded to use similar systems on other custom test machines.