New Hydreon Rain Gauges

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Hydreon RG-11 Optical Rain Gauge is a reliable and cost-effective choice for precipitation measurements. The sensor package is about the size of a tennis ball and completely sealed from the environment. A built-in mounting arm allows for convenient mounting to weather station masts, buildings, and other infrastructure.  


            The Rain Gauge senses water hitting its outside surface using beams of infrared light, modeling the principle used in automotive rain-sensing windshield wiper controls. The optical gauge bounces the infrared beams within the sensor lens, and as rain drops hit the surface, the infrared light escapes through. Changes in the intensity of the infrared beams during rainfall are directly correlated with the size of the rain drop. The system automatically compensates for condensation and very small drops; it can detect rain drops less than a half millimeter in size!        

           Because of these features the RG-11 has been extremely popular with a wide range of customers. Last month Hydreon released two new models the RG-9 and the RG-15 and Ocean Controls have just obtained stock.      

RG-9 Rain Sensor

The Hydreon RG-9 Solid State Rain Sensor is a rainfall sensing device intended to detect and communicate when a pre-selected rain intensity has been reached or exceeded. The sensitivity levels are: Rain Drops, Very Light, Medium, Heavy. The duration of the positive detection is also selectable: No Hold, Hold Time 5 Minutes, Hold Time 10 Minutes, Hold Time 15 Minutes. 

The RG-9 has multiple outputs: visual output via an on-board LED, Open Collector output and RS232 serial communications that provide more detailed data, including 8 near real-time rain intensity levels and allow for reading the status and configuration of the device. Power consumption of the RG-9 is very low, and the device is well-suited to solar-power applications.

RG-15 Tipping Rain Bucket Gauge 

            The Hydreon RG-15 Solid State Tipping Bucket is a rainfall measuring device intended to replace conventional tipping buckets. The RG-15 is rugged, reliable, maintenance-free and features a nominal accuracy of within 10%. The RG-15 is designed to replace tipping bucket rain gauges in many applications where their maintenance requirements make them impractical.

The RG-15 uses beams of infrared light within a plastic lens about the size of a tennis ball. The round surface of the lens discourages collection of debris, and the RG-15 has no moving parts to stick, and no water-pathways to clog. The device features an open-collector output that emulates a conventional tipping bucket, as well as serial communications that provide more detailed data and allow for configuration of the device.