Below are projects that Ocean Controls has participated in. If you have a project that requires technical expertise please contact us with your project idea or requirements. Advice is freely given by our engineering staff via phone or email.

Sale Outfall Sewer Pump Station 

Recently Gippsland Water had taken up a project (valued at 8 million dollars) to gather all wastewater from Sale and nearing locations, and later pumping the wastewater all the way to Dutson Downs for treatment. Ocean Controls was contracted and had the privilege of programming the Motorola Moscad RTU for control and monitoring of the new outfall sewer pump station for Gippsland Water.

At Sale, the RTU is used to control three 160kW pumps, depending on the level in the wet well, while closely monitoring that the pressure in the pipeline does not exceed its capacity. This allows for transfer of wastewater proximately 30 kms down the pipeline. In addition, the RTU controls various inlet mechanisms to filter out the sewer as it enters the pump station. The inlet works include the control of multiple solenoids and motors, used for band screens, sluice, wash press, penstocks, conveyors etc. Moreover, the RTU communicates with Gippsland Water’s central SCADA system to constantly update the operators with information, alarms, and access to remotely control the pump station. This was a great opportunity for Ocean Controls to work with Gippsland Water once again, to introduce a new pump station in their network.

Lochsport Sewer Pump Stations

Recently Gippsland Water undertook a $40 million project that to deliver reticulated sewerage services to approximately 2,700 properties in the lakeside township of Loch Sport in Victoria.


Ocean Controls was contracted to develop the Motorola Moscad RTU PLC programs that were used to control the two main Sewer Pump Stations at Progress Road and Snipe Street and provide monitoring and alarming information to the SCADA system at the Head Office. At Progress Rd the Moscad RTU was used to control the operation of 2 pairs of 22KW pumps which pump the waste water from Lochsport to Dutson Downs a distance of 30 kms. The Moscad RTU monitored the VSD's, flows, Wet Well levels and Power usage. It also controlled the deodorisation system to remove hydrogen sulphide from the wet well and a bore pump used in flushing of the system.

At Snipe St the Moscad RTU was used to control the operation of two 22KW pumps which pump the waste water to Progress Rd. The Moscad RTU monitored the VSD's, Flows, Wet Well levels and Power usage. It also controlled the deodorisation system to remove hydrogen sulphide from the wet well and a bore pump used in flushing of the system. Once or twice a week the RTU operates two remote valves and a positive displacement pump to flush the waste water network around Snipe St.

Natural Gas Flow Monitoring

A customer contacted us to say 5 natural gas flow instruments they installed only had Modbus communications and he required a 4-20mA signal from each of the instruments. The cost of retrofitting a 4-20mA card was prohibitive. We programmed 5 Delta 10SX22 PLCs to act as a Modbus Master and poll the instrument and output the inlet pressure reading as a 4-20mA signal on one of the analog outputs.

The company then asked that each PLC have a Touchscreen fitted and the pressure, temperature, vibration Vx and Vz be displayed. This data was also logged to a USB memory stick and an ethernet connection on the HMI allowed a remote PC to remotely monitor all 5 units over an ethernet wireless link.

Industrial and Technical Software Services

Ocean Controls provides engineering design, software solutions, support and training for the industrial and technical sector. Using structured methodologies and procedures we can provide a complete reliable system to suit your needs. We offer the follow services:

  • Custom-designed electronics hardware for volumes from one-off prototypes to tens of thousands of units
  • Modification or augmentation of off-the-shelf hardware
  • Embedded programming Atmel and PIC microcontrollers
  • PLC programming (Delta, Teco, Allen Bradley etc) in standard Ladder, C and assembly languages
  • Motorola Moscad RTU programming
  • Opto 22 programming optoconfig, optodisplay and optoconnect
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) development
  • Visual Basic, Delphi and other languages for interface and control design on Windows
  • C/C++ for embedded systems and desktop applications
  • Instrumentation and custom electronics ranging from one-off and prototype to large scale
  • Custom programming for Arduino open source controllers
  • Custom programming for PICAXE controllers
  • A range of internet technologies for static and dynamic web pages served by embedded devices
  • Electrical engineering analysis and expert advice for your project

Ocean Controls have the engineering and software expertise to produce solutions for the most demanding of environments.         We have produced engineering and technical software for the following types of applications:

  • Motion control using stepper motors, servo motors and linear actuators in a variety of configurations
  • Process control programs for water treatment and waste water treatment plants
  • Onstream analysis of iron ore and sand using multi channel analysers and natural gamma radiation in the mining industry
  • Onstream analysis of cement using X-Ray Diffraction
  • Embedded code for motor controllers and Modbus I/O
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Level Indication and detection of temperature inversion layers
  • Programs for radio signal level logging and carrying out radio path surveys
  • Programs for automatic dialling and monitoring of LPG tank levels
  • Data analysis applications to determine volumes in gas tanks and enviromental analysis
  • Automated testing and fuzz testing of embedded controllers

Software Products Developed

We have developed the following packages which we sell.

  • ModbusView and ModbusView TCP: Packages which simulate Modbus master and slave devices on a PC
  • ISEE-Modbus and ISEE-Modbus TCP: PC-based HMI software with SCADA features to view, log and control Modbus slave devices from your PC.
  • ViewPID: A control program for graphing and controlling PID controllers from a PC.


Organisations that have contracted us for custom development and product development include companies such as:

  • Motorola Communications
  • Gippsland Water
  • GPU Gasnet
  • AGC Woodward Clyde
  • Shedden Uhde
  • Esso
  • CSR
  • The Department of Defence
  • Telstra

Quotations and Specifications

Most custom projects begin with a written outline of your project which we can provide an obligation-free quote for. We are happy to help you develop your requirements into a sufficiently-detailed specification for us to quote on. We can provide fixed-price or hourly rates.

Please contact us with your project idea or requirements. Advice is freely given by our engineering staff via phone or email.