TH500A Programmable Temperature and Humidity Controller

TH500A Programmable Temperature and Humidity Controller

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The TH500A by Hanyoung Nux is a sophisticated temperature/humidity controller. It is capable of fully programmable PID control, pattern/delay recognition and detailed logging. 

Designed to be paired with the HNC-061 as a datalogger for USB flash drives.

Hanyoung Nux
  • Manufacturer: Hanyoung Nux
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The TH500A by Hanyoung Nux is a sophisticated temperature/humidity controller. It is capable of fully programmable PID control, pattern/delay recognition and detailed logging (logging requires the HNC-061). 

The product is equipped with; 

  • 12 relay outputs (4 NC & NO, 8 NO)
  • 8 open collector outputs 
  • 8 digital inputs 
  • SSR/SCR PID control outputs
  • Built-in RS485/232 and USB communication (External module for direct USB)
  • RTD(Pt100)/0-5V temperature and humidity probe compatibility

Each digital input and all outputs are fully customizable within the firmware by use of the touch screen. Hence, I/O ports can be used as external indicators, alarms, or temperature control switches. Also, there are in-built SSR/SCR outputs that can be used for direct PID control to a heating or humidifying element. 

The PID system is highly sophisticated; there are options for auto or manual PID tuning, where you can modify each coefficient or allow the system to auto-tune given some parameters. The control functionality even extends to pattern recognition, meaning you can regulate particular temperatures for set times and then automatically progress to different controls without the need for external inputs.

All of this functionality can be easily uploaded directly to your computer using a USB interface or a USB-RS485/232 converter. The logging component also contains a graphing system that can be loaded on the onboard firmware, or uploaded to a PC.

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    • Dimensions (L x W x H)
      34 x 28 x 26 cm

◾ Input

InputR.T.DR.T.D(Resistance Temperature Detector) : Pt 100 Ω IEC751
VDC0 - 5 V d.c   ※ In case of using Digital Temperature Sensor (Example:EE99),
            please connect resistance 250 Ω in parallel on the exterior
Sampling cycle125 ms
Temperature-100.0 ~ 200.0 °C
Humidity0.0 ~ 100.0 % R.H
AccuracyTemperature± 0.1 % of F.S
Humidity± 2 % of F.S
Contact Input(D.I)8 points (1a 8 points, 2 COM)

◾ Output 

S.S.R▪ ON : 24 V d.c,   ▪ OFF : Less than 0.1 V d.c                  ▪ Pulse voltage (More than load resistance 800 Ω)
Cycle time : 1 ~ 1,000 sec
            Output (S.C.R)
4 - 20 mA d.c (1V - 5V)   ※  Load resistance : Less than 600 Ω
Temperature4 - 20 mA d.c (Load resistance : Less than  600 Ω)
            PV / MV / SV(Internal selection)
ResolutionAround 8,000 (4 - 20 mA)
Renewal Time500 ms
Relay12 points(1c 4 points, 1a 8 points)
▪ N.0 : 30 V d.c,   5A,   250 V a.c : 5A                 ▪ N.C : 30 V d.c,   1A,   250 V a.c : 2A
Transistor8 points (2 COM)
24 V d.c 300 mA Max. (Open Collector)

◾ Power Supply

Power supply voltage100 - 240 V a.c   (Change rate of voltage ±10 %)
Frequency50 - 60 Hz
Power consumption20 VA max
Insulation ResistanceMore than 500 V d.c 20 MΩ Power supply terminal - exterior case, Input terminal - exterior case
Dielectric Strength2500 V a.c 50 - 60 Hz : Power supply terminal - exterior case(F/G : Frame Ground),
            Input terminal - exterior case (F/G : Frame Ground), Input terminal - Input terminal
External power supply24 V d.c 18 W max.(I/O Board)

◾ Functions


Temp. : -100.00 ~ 100.00 °C  
            Humidity : -100.0 ~ 100.0 % R.H
Dry· Wet sensor BiasAfter removing gauze from wet sensor, correct the difference between dry and wet sensor.
ScalingV d.c : Input scale in accordance with conversion range
LPF2 ~ 180 (초)
Detection of sensor
Up scale(In case of R.T.D input),
            Stop operation when it is over ±5 % of its range
Operation method selectionFix Control / Program Control
TemperatureSSR / SCR (4 - 20 mA d.c)
HumiditySSR / SCR (4 - 20 mA d.c)
Pattern100 patterns (1 pattern/100 segments)
Segment6,000 max segments
P.I.D group16 Groups (Temp 4 zones x Humidity 4 zones)
Auto TuningAuto Tuning according to SV(Setting Value)
0.00 ~ 100.00 %
            0.00% = ON/OFF control
Integral Time0.0 ~ 6.000 sec ( 0 sec = OFF )
Derivative Time0.0 ~ 6.000 sec ( 0 sec = OFF )
ON/OFF controlSet the Proportional Band as 0.0
            Reverse action
Select Direct or Reverse action in control output.
0.1 ~ 300 ℃
In case of humidity, it is a web bulb temperature or converted value
TempㆍHumidity4 - 20 mA d.c,    Select among PV,    SV and MV (Manipulated Value)
ScalingPerform scaling of the High· Low deviation range 4 - 20 ㎃ d.c automatically
Setting AlarmSystem Alarm : 4 points Alarm per pattern : 4 points점
Alarm typeIncluding High-Low / Low deviation alarm etc. 20 types of alarm are available.
Process AlarmTemp. : -100.0 ~ 200.0 °C
Humidity : 0.0 ~ 100.0 % RH
Deviation AlarmTemp. : -300.0 ~ 300.0 °C
Humidity : 0.0 ~ 100.0 % RH
HysteresisTemperature : 0.0 ~ 300.0 °C
Humidity : 0.0 ~ 100.0 % RH
            against Power
MemoryInternal Flash Memory and FRAM
Memory functionProgram Information and SV(Setting Value) backup and restoration.
            Storage of Temperature-Humidity setting value and PV

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